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Bamboo Chopsticks | 4 Pairs - Bona Fide Green Goods - Bambu

Bamboo Chopsticks | 4 Pairs

$ 7.75

Bamboo Chopsticks. The most used utensil in the world. We create our chopsticks from organic sources and finish them to a soft smooth feel. Chopsticks aren't just for eating Chinese food. Lightweight and sturdy, these go anywhere eating utensils can do more than fried noodles.

Why not reusable bamboo sourced from organic sources and certified. They are not only a great and versatile eating utensil, but can be good tools in the kitchen too. 

Believe it or not, we prefer using chopsticks for eating salads. Leaves of lettuce and veg pick up really well compared to stabbing at lettuce with a fork!

They wash off easily, travel well, and can be used over and over again. Four sets keeps plenty around. Give yourself and your friends the option of eating with sticks.


 Dimensions 10"


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