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Wooden Drying Racks

We have an extensive collection of wooden drying racks. Handmade in Massachusetts, these sturdy racks are built with half inch birch dowels and one inch pine side bars. Choose from 10 varieties ranging in size for all your laundry drying needs.

Conventional dryers use a lot of electricity. According to the EPA, they are one of the most common US household appliances as well as one of the highest energy users. Make the simple, money and energy saving choice to dry your clothes on a wooden drying rack. 

Get creative! Although wooden drying racks are typically used for drying laundry, our customers have come up with some clever alternate uses! Display your artwork at craft shows or air out your sporting equipment. What will you come up with?

*Only available for purchase in store at 35 South Main Street in Concord, NH. 


  • half inch birch dowels 
  • one inch pine side bars
  • made in New England
  • 10 varieties
  • saves money and electricity