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Meet the Maker: On the Cusp Pottery

I got the chance to chat with Sara, the maker behind On the Cusp Pottery. She creates those beautiful tree mugs and bowls colorfully scattered about the shop. Here's what Sara had to say:

Bona Fide: Tell us a little bit about your business.

Sara: On the Cusp Pottery is my studio name for my line of limited production wheel-thrown functional wares handmade in my barn in Loudon, NH. I am inspired by nature and naturally occurring patterns. I use a glazing process which I feel gives the work a natural warmth that honors the integrity of the clay but also incorporates splashes of rich color. I am a one woman operation; I do it all from wedging the clay all the way through to packing things to send off to shops.

Bona Fide: How did you get started with pottery?

Sara: I started 27 years ago when I decided to take a pottery class at a local co-op. I loved it! It wasn’t until I was a student at Mass Art that I started to create functional work to sell at local fairs and festivals so that I could make extra money and work around my class schedule.

Bona Fide: Do you consider your work "green" and, if so, why?

Sara: I wouldn’t consider my work particularly green because of the energy used in production...That being, said it is green in the sense that pottery is, of course, entirely reusable and can last for a lifetime under the right conditions.

Bona Fide: And you're local! Which we love...What are some of your favorite things to create?

Sara: I love to make mugs and vases!

Bona Fide: Anything else you'd like us to know?

Sara: I’d like to thank Bona Fide Green Goods and their customers for supporting my work.

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