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Featured in Fiddlehead Magazine NH

We're honored to be featured in the first issue of Fiddlehead Magazine, a guide to living local in Southern New Hampshire! Fiddlehead is a free publication celebrating the benefits and satisfaction of keeping life “local.” From promoting locally produced food and products to the benefits of a “buy-local” economy, Fiddlehead aims to focus on sustainability. In our featured article, "The Thought Behind Mindful Shopping," (page 8, issue 1) owner of Bona Fide Green Goods, Maddie Cole, discusses the relationship between mindfulness and the environment. Let's use water bottles as an example. "Everybody needs to drink water, but people are not paying attention to the number of plastic bottles they use, maybe dozens and dozens a year, and now the empties are just sitting in landfills," says Cole. "Even if you recycle, there's a cost to the environment. We sell reusable stainless steel and glass bottles that you can refill and reuse." Take that moment to remember to bring your water bottle with you, and you won't need to buy a plastic one at lunch. 

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