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No, I use CoffeeSock!

Bleached, disposable coffee filters? No, thank you! I use CoffeeSock®!

CoffeeSock filters are reusable filters, designed and made by hand in Austin, Texas. 

Did you know:

  • 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day
  • 750 million paper filters are being made and discarded every day (assuming at least 1/3 of those cups are made with paper filters)
  • That's 275 billion paper filters a year
  • It takes the equivalent of 1.5 million trees to make that many filters annually

Each CoffeeSock® filter replaces 4-12 paper filter boxes per year...PLUS, your coffee tastes better 

  • no added flavor from the filter
  • absorbs oils released from the beans 
  • lets acids pass through
  • results in a clear, crisp, rich, balanced cup o' joe

Want your own CoffeeSock filters? Check out our selection here



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